A great cloth nappy is often (and should be) made out of natural fibers. However, just like any cloth material made out of natural fibers, a reusable nappy also gets rough and tough with more wear and washes. Don’t panic though, although it’s wholly natural, it can be easily reversed with these top tips!

Fabric Softeners Are Not Your Best Friend

The name “fabric softeners” speak for themselves, however, they are not the best thing to associate with your baby’s reusable nappy. Fabric softeners contain a positively charged substance which, in turn, attracts the negatively-charged-surface of fabrics. The interaction between the positive and negative charge leaves a coating on top of the fabric, resulting in the fabric to ‘stand up’ making it softer. 

In short, fabric softeners only feel good upon initial wear. Because it creates a coating on top of the fabric, it can decrease your baby’s reusable nappy absorbency and breathability. 

Instead of using regular “fabric softeners”, try using 2 in 1 detergents that contain fabric softeners (Surf 2 in 1). This hybrid washing powder is a better alternative because instead of attracting the negative charge of fabrics, it repels them. However, although different, it gives off the same result, just without the downside of decreased absorbency!

However, if you are on a tight budget, you can still use your regular fabric softeners. However, limit using it on your baby’s cloth nappy to every fourth wash.

The Warm Wash: A Double Threat 

It’s common knowledge that warm washing clothes are a great way to disinfect your clothes from dirt, gunk, and also those nasty, hidden bacterias. However, they are actually another great way to soften up a reusable nappy. To do this, wash your cloth nappy on the warm wash setting with the temperature set between 40 - 60 degrees celsius. 

Tumble Dry To Fluff Them Up

Tumble drying your cloth nappy is one of the quickest and easiest ways to fluff them up. We acknowledge that this might not be the most budget-friendly nor eco-friendly way to keep your reusable nappy soft. However, pop it into the dryer, just before it gets dry, for a quick 10-15 minute low-temperature, drying cycle and it’ll easily do the trick. Also, pro-tip - pop in a dryer ball or a tennis ball for that added fluff.

Pre-Wear Boogie

As previously mentioned, a reusable nappy is often made out of natural fibers, like cotton. These natural fibers feel rough to the touch after every washing cycle, however, they can easily soften up when given a deliberate squeeze before every wear. Another alternative to this is to let your baby boogie dance in their cloth nappy during playtime, or whenever they are feeling jittery. Not only are they softening the reusable nappy, they are also entertaining to watch!

Layer It Up

When using a fitted reusable nappy, you can optionally add on an extra layer to prevent gunks or small solids from accumulating in the cloth nappy. This step not only prevents bacteria and moisture build-up, but also helps provide a soft surface for your baby’s bum. To do this, layer a stay-dry fabric, usually made out of polyester, either vertically or horizontally depending on your game plan for that day. 

At Junior Tribe Co, our reusable cloth nappies are soft, absorbent and come with a built-in microfleece stay-dry layer and a free booster to help keep your baby’s bum dry all night long.