Baby Change Mats

Discover our exclusive collection of high-quality change mats for your baby at Junior Tribe Co! Our baby change mats come in very generous sizes - ideal for placing babies on public change tables or surfaces. There is a strap to secure the change mat so it is very portable and perfect if you are looking for a travel change mat. We believe our high standard change mats, which are made from soft and durable materials, can make your job of changing nappies much easier and provide extra comfort to your baby.

You will be impressed with how well designed our change mats are! They come in different colours and design patterns, giving your baby a stylish look. Our change mats are especially among the cheapest baby change mats in Australia, helping you save on your budget best. We are proud to be the favourite baby change mats shop for environmentalists. We always endeavour to widely spread our love and care for the Earth by offering eco friendly and reusable baby products to customers. Any questions about change mats or baby products (such as nappies, wet bags, baby clothing, inserts & boosters & more) can be addressed to Our kind staff is dedicated to assisting you on the journey with your little ones.