Night Time Insert (Snake Style)


Night Nappy Long Insert:

(NO Booster Included)


It consists of a long snake style insert which can be snapped into the nappy as an Ai2 or inside the pocket. Fits both the day time nappy and the night time nappy. It is a SUPER long insert of 74cm, allowing double or triple folding techniques for extra absorption where it's needed.

It has been designed to last wash after wash, with minimal shrinkage and warping. 

The fabrics used for the insert are the most important features of the modern cloth nappy. Our bamboo & hemp nappy inserts are made up of two layers of hemp fleece and one layer of heavy bamboo fleece.



Fabric- Bamboo 70% cotton 30%, Hemp 55 % Cotton 45 %
**Shrinkage after washing is normal for natural fibre inserts** ** Full absorbency is gained after approximately 8 washes**