Be Free Travel Mat

Junior Tribe Co Be Free travel mats are reversible and designed with versatility in mind. All of our travel mats are made using our soft recycled P.E.T fabric in the same gorgeous artistic prints as our cloth nappies and accessories. 

Our travel mats are nice and large but roll down small for ease of carrying or putting in the pram or car. Perfect for the park, beach and park play to give a soft place to sit. Sand and grass easily falls off it with a quick flick and liquids are wipeable. 

Babies will love having nappy free time on our gorgeously soft mats. Roll up and secure together with the strap to take anywhere with you.

Be Free travel mats are fully machine washable. The have a soft non shrinking fabric sandwiched in-between the two layers of PUL.  Wash by themselves or with small items and air dry only. Do not tumble dry.