Child Safety

Baby and kids clothing products may have buttons, snaps, zips, ties and drawstring tips. These items can be pulled off by babies and young children representing a choking hazard. 

If you choose to purchase any of our products that carrying choking hazards please ensure your child is watched at all times when wearing our products or permanently remove the hazard from the item if you are concerned. 

Choosing our products is your choice and we can not and do not take responsibility for safety of your child.

We use inspection companies to ensure quality control and the safety of our items however it is important any clothing is checked and subsequently cleared as safe before giving to your child. Specifically children under three years old and any children who for one reason or another represent a choking risk regardless of age. 

Our buttons are metal press studs, secured into the fabric of the garment not protruding. If a button is loose, please ensure you either secure it yourself so it is safe or contact us. 

Ties/drawstrings carry a risk of getting caught around a baby’s neck. If your child is under three years old it is recommended you remove the tie and tips from our garments or tie it in a double knot for their safety and/or wear without.

Any small items like snaps, zip pullers, buttons and drawstring tips constitute a choking hazard for children 3 years old and under. If you are concerned, please don’t purchase the item. Otherwise immediately remove the accessory that you consider poses as a potential choking threat for a young child.