Australian Designed Cloth Nappies

Our wide range of modern cloth nappies includes one-size-fit-all reusable flex cloth nappies of different colours - an eco-friendly & affordable cloth nappy choice for your baby!

    Our modern cloth nappies are soft & absorbent, easy to use (you can easily adjust them to fit perfectly to your baby's size), and come with a bamboo & hemp insert which can easily be removed, washed and clipped on again. As the one-size-fit-all cloth nappies, they can fit all babies weighing between 4 and 16kg (from birth to toilet training). Instead of frequent spending on disposable nappies, reusable nappies are a much more economical and environmental friendly option. If you are new to reusable modern cloth nappies, feel free to contact us to receive advice and consultation on what’s best for your baby, as well as our detailed guidelines on how to use and wash modern cloth nappies