Legal Disclaimer + Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Junior Tribe Co understand that your privacy is important. Please be assured that all details you provide to us are kept confidential and will NOT be passed along to any other individual, charity or business.


If you choose to pay via credit card, your details are not recorded or kept on our website’s database. 

Legal Disclaimer:

At Junior Tribe Co, we have used our best efforts to ensure that all of our products are safe and healthy for your baby/ children. However, we do expect our customers to use commonsense and an intelligent approach when using our products. The customer is responsible for determining whether a particular product is fit for use. If a customer installs any additional implements including but not limited to, safety pins, hooks, sewing pins onto our products we accept no liability from any damage caused by such implement. We strongly discourage installing additional implements to our products.

This also includes using, bleach, vinegar or any other house hold product not specified in our WASH ROUTINE, will not be accepted for a return and we accept no liability if the item becomes damaged or dicoloured in anyway. We strongly advise against using such products on our nappies that touch your babies skin.

This includes our clothing.

You acknowledge that all measurements are approximate and that the reproduction of colours is as accurate as the photographic and production process will allow.