Planning to update your newborn’s wardrobe? Starting the beautiful journey of parenthood? Buying cute and comfy baby clothes is very essential for new parents. From everyday basics to sleeping outfits, there are many types of baby clothes available. In this article, we’ve shortlisted 9 must-have baby clothes for new parents. Keep reading!


Newborn Baby Bodysuits

The very first baby clothing item on our list is a baby bodysuit or onesie. It’s adorable, easy to wear, and can be the perfect gift for new parents. Stock up on cozy bodysuits in different sizes so that you can have enough clothing for your quickly growing baby. Besides, infants need clothing change at least five to six times a day. Many baby clothing brands sell multipacks of newborn baby bodysuits, so you don’t have to buy an individual piece.


You can buy baby bodysuits for winter and summer. Look for baby bodysuits that have envelope-style necks. The designer flap will help you pull the bodysuit down instead of up, and you’ll have a clean changing session.

Kimono Style Baby Tops

Newborn baby kimonos look super cute on your little munchkin, and this loose piece of clothing minimizes contact with your baby’s freshly cut umbilical cord stump. Kimonos come in long- and short-sleeve styles and can be worn over any bodysuit.

Soft Leggings for Baby

Soft and stretchy baby leggings are perfect for newborn babies. These leggings are versatile and can go with almost anything. They are perfect for cold weather. You can put them over a baby bodysuit, pair them with a kimono top or place it under your baby’s dresses. Buy leggings in comfortable fabrics that won’t irritate your infant’s sensitive skin.

Adorable Baby Bloomers

Baby Bloomers or diaper covers are another handy infant apparel for both boys and girls. You can place them under a dress or over a bodysuit and leggings. Bloomers are perfect for the baby photoshoot. They come in fun colours and cute prints with gorgeous ruffles.

Cute Baby Rompers

Rompers for babies or bubbles are a lovely and practical item. This one-piece outfit is top and bottom all in one and has snaps at the crotch area for hassle-free diaper changes. Baby rompers are easy to put on your baby and usually come in fun colours and designs. They are perfect for family gatherings, photoshoots, and playdates. You can make your baby wear a romper on a bodysuit for a nice winter look.

Cute Pairs of Baby Socks

Another must-have item on the baby clothes list is cute pairs of baby socks. Baby socks will help regulate the temperature of your baby. Stock up on a twenty-thirty pair of socks and keep your baby’s feet warm. Besides, just like how footwear makes your outfit look great, baby socks can amplify your child’s outfit. You might notice that babies have the habit to kick their socks off, so look for socks that have durable elastic tops.

Newborn Baby Sleepers

You might get confused between baby bodysuits and baby sleepers. Here’s how you can differentiate between them. A baby sleeper is an all-in-one outfit made from cotton or fleece, just like bodysuits, but sleepers help your baby sleep faster. Baby sleepers, pyjamas, or footies, come in long sleeves and cover the baby’s feet, keeping your baby warm and cozy. They also have zip-ups for easy diaper changing. Stock up on versatile baby sleepers.


Cool Baby Beanies

buy baby rompers and baby hats

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Newborns get cold easily, and a beanie or hat is a great way to regulate your toddler’s body temperature. Not to forget that baby beanies look super cute and fashionable. Keep one or two beanie hats in your diaper bag, and you can use them at a chilly restaurant, store, or car to keep your child comfy. Some beanies come with a tip that you can tie in a knot and adjust the size of the hat as your baby grows. Junior Tribe Co has an exclusive collection of baby beanies that look cute and are durable.


Burp Cloths and Bibs

Newborns drool and spit quite often. Hence, stock up on burp cloths and bibs as you don’t want to spend much time washing tons of clothes daily. Though burp cloths suitable for burping your baby, you can easily carry them around with you throughout the day. Buy these clothing items in a variety of colours and prints.


Now that you have had a full list of the clothes that you should buy for your babies, you can start shopping for baby clothes at Junior Tribe Co. We sell baby clothes of different colours, sizes, and styles – all are made of high-quality durable materials and competitively priced.