Taking your baby for their first dip in the water is an exciting experience, however, one thing that can put a damper on the event is if your baby has an accident in the water. This is why swimming nappies are a must-have for any parent! 

Swimming nappies are specially designed to wear in the water and stop poos from leaking out, saving you the embarrassment of having to frantically clean up your baby’s mess and apologise to the people swimming in close proximity. 

How Do Swim Nappies Work?

  • The snug-fitting legs and waistbands of swim nappies help to contain poos and stop them from making their way out into the water.
  • Swim nappies should be snug at the legs and waist. (If possible, try a pair on your baby before purchasing, as not every style/size will fit your baby perfectly).
  • Available in both disposable and reusable designs.
    • Disposable swim nappies are perfect to take on holidays and short trips away when you don’t want to worry about having to wash reusable nappies and transport them home.
    • Reusable swim nappies help to protect the environment and are worth the investment for families who go swimming often. 
    • Some disposable swim nappies are durable enough that they can be used more than once (if they haven’t been soiled). 
  • Come in different sizes and patterns. 
  • Most swim nappies are made for young children up to the age of three.  
  • Swim nappies decrease the spread of fecal bacterial contamination. 

What’s the Difference Between Regular Nappies and Swimming Nappies? 

Regular Nappies 

  • Don’t restrict water absorption. 
  • Sag uncomfortably when wet. 
  • Do not stop poos from entering the water. 
  • Although they are durable enough to stay on when in the water, they are uncomfortable when they become wet. 

Swimming Nappies

  • Have minimal water absorption to prevent sagging and extra weight. 
  • Stop poos from entering the water. 
  • Are easy to put on and take off, even when wet. 
  • Are comfortable to wear in and out of the water. 

What’s the Difference Between Reusable and Disposable Swimming Nappies? 

Reusable Swimming Nappies

  • Can be reused multiple times.
  • Needs to be washed after they have been soiled. 
  • Come in a variety of sizes and patterns. 
  • Eco-friendly. 
  • Does not soak up urine. 
  • Can be worn on their own or underneath a costume. 
  • More expensive than disposable nappies, but saves you more money in the long run. 

Disposable Swimming Nappies 

  • Can only be used once. 
  • Needs to be thrown away after they have been soiled. 
  • Most come in different sizes and patterns. 
  • Not very environmentally friendly. 
  • Does not soak up urine. 
  • Can be worn on their own or underneath a costume. 
  • Cheaper up front than reusable swimming nappies, but may be more expensive in the long run (if you go swimming regularly). 

How to Use a Reusable Swim Nappy 

1) Put the nappy on your child. (You might want to put a disposable swim nappy underneath for added protection). 

2) Put your child’s costume over the nappy (this is completely optional). 

3) Regularly check your child’s nappy and ask them if they have to go to the toilet (if they are old enough to understand the question). 

4) If the nappy gets soiled, change it straight away in the parent’s room or female toilets. 

5) Remove the dirty nappy liner (if using one) and flush it and the poo down the toilet. 

6) Thoroughly rinse the nappy and either put it in a bag or back on your child (if going back in the water). 

7) Once back at home, follow the washing instructions to wash the nappy and then hang it out to dry. 

How Many Swimming Nappies Do You Need? 

Most disposable swimming nappies are only designed to wear once. If you’re going on a holiday or prefer to use disposable nappies on a day trip, make sure you pack enough to last the day/holiday. 

Wet disposable swimming nappies aren’t too comfortable for your child to wear when they’re out of the water, so they might need to be changed multiple times a day - even if they don’t soil the nappy. 

Reusable swimming nappies can be used multiple times. They dry quickly and are comfortable to wear, even when wet. Keep an extra pair or two on hand so you always have a clean, dry pair ready to go. 

Important Tips to Remember 

  • Swimming nappies do not stop urine from leaking into the water (most of the time this is not an issue as the pool chemicals will kill off any bacteria), however make sure your children’s nappies are checked regularly
  • Change and rinse the nappy as soon as it has been soiled. 
  • Swimming nappies are the only nappy that will effectively stop poos from leaking into the water. 
  • Have extra nappies on hand just in case of accidents.

At Junior Tribe Co., our swimming nappies come in two styles: The Toastie Swim Nappy and the Mama Chillax Swim Nappy. Both nappies come with a water-resistant outer shell which is easy to adjust with snap-on buttons, and are available in gorgeous patterns and prints. Our swimming nappies are perfect for all outdoor and water adventures!