Nappy Wet Bags

If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable reusable wet bag for nappies in Australia, come and shop at Junior Tribe Co. Our premium collection of wet bags includes wet bags in various sizes and colours, so you can feel comfortable picking the design and patterns that you like best.

With adjustable handles, our wet bags are perfect for hanging on prams, change tables, towel racks & much more. The large wet bags help you keep everything neat and tidy, as they have two big zipper pockets to separate the dry and dirty items. The mini sized wet bags, on the other hand, have one small pocket for keys and wallets, and a large pocket for nappies, wipes, clothes. Both are easy to use and help you transport your nappies more easily. All of our nappy wet bags are made of water resistant fabric. For easier storage, you can roll them up and secure them with the handles. Junior Tribe Co takes pride in being one of the first & fastest-growing brands that make and sell eco-friendly baby products in Australia. Apart from wet bags, we are also selling reusable cloth nappies, bamboo inserts and boosters, change mats, and more at very competitive prices. Any questions about wet bags or other baby products (such as nappies, change mats, baby clothing, inserts & boosters, etc) can be addressed to Our kind staff is committed to helping every mom in Australia on the journey with their little babies.