different types of changing mat for newborn

Many parents use a towel or muslin cloth when changing their baby's nappy. But a changing mat is a much safer and more convenient option to go for. Scroll through the article to read more about the different kinds of changing mats for your baby.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying A Changing Mat 

You can find a large variety of changing mats available in the market. From padded PVC with raised sides to super thin, you can choose the best baby changing mat based on your requirement. These mats are often very affordable and made with soft fabric, perfect to protect your baby’s skin.

If you are looking for something higher end, you can select the wedge-style changing mats. These mats have a curved valley cut and are made out of one thick block of foam. Thus, a curved shape helps to stop your baby from moving around during nappy changing.

It’s important to choose the right changing mat for you and your baby, so that everyone is comfortable and feels safe in their choice.

Different Varieties of Changing Mats 

Changing mats with raised edges:

These mats are rectangular and have a flat area for the baby’s back, as well as two or three raised sides surrounding your baby and securing them in place. Some raised edge products have a sturdy edge at the head. Their main purpose is to guarantee the safety of the baby and prevent them from falling. 

Anti-reflux changing mats:

This is the newest type of changing mat to be made is the anti-reflux changing mats. They’re specially designed to tilt your baby’s upper body in addition to raised edges to secure your baby as they move around whilst avoiding them rolling off the mat.

However, this new mat has been met with some negative reviews. Parents have reported that the slight incline has caused their babies to slip down easily, making the changing and dressing process more difficult.

Travel changing mats:

If you travel a lot, you might find the travel changing mats are perfect for you! These mats are thinner than usual and can easily be folded up and stored in your bag. They aren’t ideal for everyday use due to the lack of support, but are a great compromise when you’re away from home!

Disposable mats are also available and are made specifically with travel in mind. However, they are quite costly to the environment.

Junior Tribe Co changing mats:

Here at Junior Tribe Co, we have an exclusive collection of high-quality change mats for your baby. Shop our change mats in very generous sizes, suitable for public changing tables and a variety of other surfaces. All of our mats come with a strap so you can secure your change mats wherever you go, making them convenient for traveling. Our change mats are made from soft and durable materials making them comfortable for your baby and easy for you to use.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Changing Mat

Baby changing mats are made using a variety of materials, each one carefully chosen to not irritate babies sensitive skin. Most commonly, they have a foam core with a waterproof cover or PVC coating, making it easy to clean. The PVC or foam models can also be covered with a special cotton cover to make your baby more comfortable. Any and all covers must be washed regularly to avoid any germs lingering!

A thicker material will help prevent your baby from injuring themselves on the ends of the mats when kicking their legs. There is also a new generation of changing mats made from plant fibres, including bamboo. They’re 100% natural, hypoallergenic and comfortable. Parents have reported that these types of mats quickly show signs of wear and tear, so it might be worth investing in a waterproof cover when purchasing one!

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We hope this article has helped with changing mats and changing tables for your newborn. Don't forget to checkout stylish and affordable baby clothing and accessories from Junior Tribe Co and get in touch with us at info@juniortribeco.com if you have any questions.