One of the best things about Summer is being able to dry your laundry outside on the line. It keeps your clothes smelling fresh and dries them in record time. This makes having cloth reusable nappies even more convenient in the Summer. So, we have together our top tips on how drying washable nappies in Winter does not have to be a pain.

Outside Drying Is Not Off Limits

We are fortunate enough in Australia that welcoming Winter does not mean saying goodbye to sunny days. Although the temperature is cooler, more often than not, the sun still shines, and you will be surprised at how dry the nappies can become after only a few slithers of sunshine. Fresh air will always help them dry faster too. 

Utilise Your Balcony

If the only access to outdoors is through a veranda or deck which is covered and has restricted access to sun, that can still be utilised to dry your reusable nappies. They will dry a lot quicker through the benefit of natural airflow that comes from being outside.

Make Your Clothes Airer Your Right-Hand Man

You can pick up a small, portable clothes airer in most homeware shops. Once you have one, you have the luxury of transporting your nappies around the house easily. You can pop them up by a sunny spot in your home, near a heater or right next to a particularly breezy window to aid the drying process. 

Get Familiar with a Peg Hanger

A helpful accessory that also doesn’t take up heaps of room is a peg hanger, and it can be used to hang your cloth nappy inserts. If you have hung them to dry all day but they’ve not fully dried yet, use a peg hanger to dry them in high areas of your home. Heat rises so your nappies will dry faster. A hot water cupboard is a great location for emergency hanging!

More, more, more! 

If your cloth nappy inserts are taking longer than a day to dry and you regularly find yourself running low, it might be worth buying additional sets of inserts for your cloth nappy stash. Reusable nappy covers tend to dry quickly. Adding extra inserts is a great way to build your cloth nappy supply whilst also taking the pressure off you keeping up with the laundry! 

Tumble Dryer Can Be a Last Resort

Many families manage without a tumble dryer. However, if you have tried all the above and had no luck, or there has been relentless bad weather, cloth nappies are tumble dry friendly. Please remember to separate the inserts from the covers first. Cloth nappy covers can be heat-sensitive so dry them on a lower heat and the inserts on a medium heat.