It is no secret that a large part of being a mum is spent cleaning up after her children. As a mum, you can go through hundreds of disposable baby wipes at any one time, one poorly timed explosion may require you to use half a packet of wipes right there and then! 

However, as the years have passed, everyone has become more aware of their environmental footprint. How much have you spent on baby wipes over the years? How many wipes will your family contribute to the landfill? What long-term impact will that have on the environment? It is clear that disposable baby wipes should no longer be every family’s go-to. 

In recent years, reusable baby wipes made from cloth have grown in popularity due to their effectiveness as a cleaning tool as well as being a much more environmentally friendly option. 

Reasons to Switch To Reusable Baby Wipes

Cloth baby wipes are so smooth. They are also gentler on sensitive skin, in addition to being kinder on your bank balance! Our reusable baby wipes are made from two layers of 100% bamboo velour, making them lovely, thick, and soft for your baby or toddler!

How many baby wipes do you use in one day? Then think of multiplying that by 365 to get your usage for one single year. Baby wipes containing plastic can take up to 100 years to biodegrade and can harm our wildlife, our oceans, and our waterways as they do so. That is a big carbon footprint being left behind by each baby! Switching to reusable baby wipes and using a cloth baby wipe solution can help massively reduce this. 

Another positive of reusable baby wipes is that you will never be caught short without any wipes! Gone are the days where you realise you used up your final wipe with no back-ups in the house. Now, you can pop used cloth baby wipes in the washing machine and use them again like new!      

Storing and Washing Your Reusable Baby Wipes  

There are many reusable baby wipe boxes available on the market that keep them clean and all stored in one place! You can store them already wet if you want to prepare for the day ahead. Or, you can store them dry and wet them only when needed. 

You can take a few pre-soaked wipes out with you in a small wet bag. This is the easiest option for change time, but damp wipes will go a little musty if left in your bag for a number of days. You can also take cloth baby wipes dry and wet them in bathrooms when using a changing mat.

When it comes to washing your wipes, you can store and wash your dirty wipes along with your cloth nappies. Dirty wipes can also be stored in a wet bag when you are out and about, and then washed along with your household laundry, making the process very convenient! 

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