Wild Cubs Boxy Bag


Our new Boxy Bags are a perfect companion to take out and about with you when you leave the house to store your Junior Tribe Co cloth nappies in. Best part is they are double lined!

Their fantastic box like design enables them to be utilised for far more then just cloth nappies. They will fit clothes, towel, swimmers, shoes plus more inside. A great item to take with you to the beach or park.

Due to their unique and multi functional use they are a popular choice for sending to day care with all the necessities inside for your child's day. 

The large size of our boxy bag allows 6-7 Junior Tribe co cloth nappies to fit inside comfortably  with room for other small items. 

The strap handle allows for the bag to be hung from a pram, nappy bag, cot, door handle and more. Glide the zip down and you can access the nappies easily.